Presentation of the book The look of Issa

Send “Presentation of the book The look of Issa” from the show’s look Issa in 1993 on FR3 Bourgogne.

My favorite hero

Send “My favorite hero” presented by Caroline Tresca, FR3 31/01/1989.
theme on road safety, presentation of the SAVE system Essacq Baloutch


The game of Tchenac by Essacq Baloutch

The look of Issa

Issue 3 Bourgogne France in 1993, the book “The look of Issa” written by Essacq BALOUTCH, published by: Burgundy Rhône – Loire, well 1992 Public


"Drapeau Blanc"

Emission Antenne 2 in 1988 “matin bonheur” presented by Thierry BECCARO and Martine MAULEON..

Sytème SAVE

Invention of the 80s, from Essacq BALOUTCH for road safety, danger zone warning system.


Infobus, the invention of the late 1980s, by M. BALOUTCH, allows the dissemination in the Bus of information on a luminous panel.


Apprendre le Japonais

Emission FR3 Burgundy Franche-Comté 12/09/1989 with Essaq Baluch, presentation of a software to learn Japanese..